Date of Event : Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:25AM


When games are played during hot weather coaches/umpires must always display a duty of care towards the players and ensure that the games are conducted according to SEJCA, ISCC and the MCC’s Laws of Cricket.  Coaches/umpires cannot amend these laws to suit the circumstances and must reach a mutual agreement on how the games are to be conducted before they commence.

Coaches/umpires should consider ordering additional drink breaks and drinks between the fall of a wicket as well as having drinks positioned around the boundary for those bowlers in need of additional water.  Players/parents should not however come on to the field with drinks without the prior approval of both umpires.

Coaches/umpires cannot shorten a game and must still play the number of overs as stipulated by the rules for that age group.  Coaches/umpires however can declare their innings closed before the completion of the number of overs if they so wish.  It is strongly recommended that if this is to occur as a means of shortening the game that agreement is reached before the game with the opposing coach.

Teams that fail to turn up to the match or leave the ground without the permission of the coaches/umpires may be deemed to have forfeited the match as per the rules.

Of course, a common sense approach should be taken at all times in the best interests of all participants on the day.  

In addition, it is important to ensure that players have plenty of water available, wear hats and apply sunscreen regularly.   

Last updated: Monday January 15, 2018 3:08PM