Hall of Fame - Batting | Randwick Junior Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
18710466791512210336976287Oliver E Sissian-TurnbullRJCC Pirates2019/2020U17 Sunday AM/PM (Turf)4 1Easts Marlins
2749765101512210336976074*Dylan BrownRJCC Pirates2019/2020U17 Sunday AM/PM (Turf)3 1Balmain South Sydney
37311416881512210336228973*Jack GeorgeRJCC Scorchers2019/2020U13 Sunday AM3 1Leichhardt Wanderers Red
4739308381512210336229773*Harry HookingsUNSW Crushers2019/2020U13 Sunday AM4 1Easts Piranhas
57115040451512210336228871Charlie CoughlanRJCC Superstars2019/2020U13 Sunday AM3 1Easts Marlins
66210485461512210336213562James TaipariRJCC Rebels2019/2020U15 Sunday AM/PM (Turf)1 1Ryde Hunters Hill Pirates
75418964621512210336199854*Darcy CollinsRJCC Scorchers2019/2020U12 Sunday AM2 1Easts Black Labs
85311396061512210336976053*Oliver ArgentRJCC Pirates2019/2020U17 Sunday AM/PM (Turf)3 1Balmain South Sydney
95016837141512210336667850*Jack Gibbens-JohnsonRJCC Renegades2019/2020U14 Sunday AM2 1Easts Tiger Sharks
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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