RJCC - Frequently Asked Questions

What age group will I play in?


How are coaches and managers chosen?

  • The coach and manager are usually team parents.  Let the Club Secretary (Phillip Cambouris know if you are interested in being a coach or manager.


How are teams chosen?

  • Teams are selected by RJCC.  This is done by a combination of returning players, pre-existing teams, friendships and other requests.  RJCC will always give priority to returning player when allocating players to a specific team.
  • Subject to the previous, RJCC will try as much as possible to allocate players so as to enable friends to play with friends (there will be a small umber of circumstances where that is not possible).


When and where will teams train?

  • This is at the discretion of the team coach.  It is usually once a week at a time and place that suits most players.
  • RJCC also provides club training sessions most Wednesday afternoons for players free of charge.


Do we play Saturdays or Sundays?

  • Junior Blasters, Master Blasters and Under 10’s usually play Saturdays, and Under 11’s through Under 16 / 17’s play Sundays.  Most games are mornings but some will be afternoons, particularly in the u10 Competition


What are the game rules?


Can I play Master Blaster if I am only 6 years old?

  • Yes, 6 year olds have played in Master Blasters as it is based more so on ability rather than age.  If you haven’t played any form of cricket before, then you can also try Junior Blaster as a terrific way of starting off.  You should discuss this with your parents.


Do I need to buy cricket gear?

  • Each team has a kit with bats, pads and gloves as well as wicket-keeper gloves and pads.  A helmet is also supplied.  Wearing of helmets is mandatory in the majority of age groups.
  • With regards to both the Junior Blaster and Master Blaster programs; all equipment and gear is provided by the club.


Can I Use My Active Kids Voucher?